What is the California Community of Men?


The California Community of Men (or "CalComMen" for short) was founded in 2013, after lots (and lots!) of thought and conversation, with a group of elder/advisors-of-all-ages led by Barry Schoenfeld, that included Robert Bettinger, Shane Bruce, Steve Jimenez, Steve McDonald, David Pisarra, David Quan, Andy Sacher, David Sinkler and the Rev. Neil Thomas.  

That advisory group has since grown to also include Michael Gallagher, Richard Hammer, Allan Jensen, Steve Tweedale and Michael Varnen.  

We have grown since 2013 to a membership of over 9000 men. 


It's a very fun, welcoming, no-BS group, which is exactly what I was looking for."

-- Jon B


The California Community of Men is a unique community of heart-centered, passionate and caring men, 18-90+ of all colors of the rainbow, faith traditions, sizes, shapes & abilities, who create spiritual & social events, personal growth workshops, and our unique, joy-filled weekends we call "Community Camp," without formal committees, officers or bylaws. Our goal is to build a radically diverse & inclusive community of men-who-love-men, the likes of which is rarely seen in Southern California.  We align ourselves with some of the values, beliefs and consciousness of the Northern California Billys, and the Radical Faeries.


CalComMen is the only mens community in SoCal that reachs out to, and warmly welcomes ALL men-who-love-men (gay, bi, trans, queer, cis & straight).  We are also the only mens community that is drug, alcohol, smoke and electronics-free, so that we can connect and engage in new and more meaningful ways, with far fewer distractions.